The Method

Designed to achieve a lean, supple and toned body. The LotteBerk® exercises will help you improve your curves.

Created over 60 years ago by a German dancer Lotte Berk, the moves are based on modern dance, yoga and physiotherapy.

Used worldwide ever since by professional performers, athletes and those searching for general fitness.

Our Classes

Classes are taught to mixed abilities in small groups on the floor or at the ballet barre.  They are supervised by qualified insured instructors and are open to anyone over 16 years who wishes to improve their fitness and body shape.

Each class lasts 55 minutes – begins with warm-up  exercises and continues through a comprehensive range of moves, thoroughly using all muscle areas including mobilising and stretching.

The exercises are strenuous without being aerobic, achieving targeted results as the clients are encouraged to work at their own pace.  All levels of ability and fitness are taken into account.

“If you want to keep a youthful figure forever, you can.”