Wintry Advice on Getting Ski Fit

Wintry Advice on Getting Ski Fit

Skiing is THE test of all-round fitness. A combination of strength, suppleness and stamina is required to enjoy it and maintain your dignity no matter how steep the slope. Yet so often we hit the slopes without having built up or enhanced our physical fitness.

Here at LotteBerk HQ, many of our teachers are avid skiers anxious to share their top tips to get you ski fit ready.

STRENGTH: Every skier is familiar with burning thighs or aching muscles after a long run.

Build up strength with this LotteBerk classic.

Plies in 2nd work on the inner and outer thigh muscles, as well as those supporting the knee joints.



BALANCE/CO-ORDINATION: Imagine skiing in poor visibility down a choppy piste or riding away from a cliff top. You lose the sense of where your body is in relation to its surroundings (proprioception). Prepare yourself. Test your balance, hands off the ballet barre! Stand on one leg whilst brushing your teeth (don’t forget to change legs and hands!) Try all this with your eyes shut and just wait for the improvement in your skiing.


 SUPPLENESS: Will enable your body to adjust to any sudden changes in your direction. Helpful in avoiding injury when you fall, crucial to get yourself back up!


The LotteBerk warm-up movements are designed to encourage you to gain and keep flexibility for daily movements as well as acquiring the strength to sustain and control them. Keep your movements and breathing flowing gracefully as you would wish your skiing to be!




CARDIOVASCULAR:  Build up your cardiovascular system. Keep it simple and do something you enjoy on a daily basis. Walk briskly, take the stairs singing loudly or chatting to a friend (this will ensure you are not holding your breath) Remember, at altitude your body needs lots of oxygen to function efficiently.

OUR SPECIAL TIP TO AVOID INJURY: Go and enjoy a vin chaud and let the other “hot shot” skiers do that last run.